Thursday, July 7, 2011

Source of problem

This year hasnt been a great year so far. The only greatness is that I had been to Korea and will be going there soon. I guess after this I will have to restrict my spending and concentrate on making money.

If money is the source of problem, I will become the master of it and make it work for me. Deal~


Break Free ... Be Happy ...

Friday, March 25, 2011


Hilow! Having been blogging. Nothing special happened too. Just moving on with my life. Doing things that I loved and getting crazy over my beloved fany.

Counting down to going to Korea in May. My holiday is coming! Shall be a relaxed and adventurous trip. Hopefully I get something back from there.

Settled down with my work. Been almost a year and now a new challenge awaits for me. I can do it!

Still I want to do an Masters and go oversea and study and eventually has my own Cafe.^_^

Life is short so be happy all the time. Nothing much can affect you as long you have the will to live. Look at Japan now and the world news. It somehow seems that the world might really come to an end, so enjoy while it lasts and do your best all the time.


Break Free ... Be Happy ...

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy 2011

Hilow everyone..

how is 2010? let mi see what have changes/experiences that i encountered in 2010?

Firstly I quit my very first full time job in FR and jump to another shift working department of MHA. LOL. just that the time table is fixed now. Better pay and more time for myself.

First time travel to HK and all by myself. didnt visit the theme parks and instead walked alot. the trip let mi recharge myself and thought alot for the year of 2010.

Then, I embarked on the new adventure for my new job. I don't know so far I can go or how I can survive it. If possible I still like to travel oversea and study. Maybe in even be a related field of my concentration but something that I am always interested in.

Gaining weight has still been a problem to me. Seeing my dad stomach getting rounder and my mum putting on weight, i guess i only put on weight by their age. so just eat whatever i like now for the time being.

Started my Korea food restaurant adventures and blogged about them. Hasnt been updating due to laziness. However, I been to more than 10 korean restaurants already and will continue in 2011.

Single and in love with my 9 ladies from Korea. They are awesome! thanks to the internet, I get to see them everyday. hehe. They are my motivation~ if they can put in so much effort in giving their best, I can too :D

Also, finally kick starting my long term plans in June 2010 but unfortunately slack off in Dec and I need to pick up the momentum again.

That all folk..

I wonder who will be reading anyway .. but Wish You Health and Wealth and Happiness will come.


Break Free ... Be Happy ...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gradually losing it again..

Haiz.. where to find motivation? So tired at work.. more workload now.. Nvm, to talk about work..

Shall look forward to May 2011. Korea korea Koreaaaaa! Must go must go muuustttt Gooooooo!

hehe.. That my motivation :D

But I guess I still need to read up on some books to boost the effect. hahaz.. lazy me... Guess I should pay the library a visit asap.. if not view fany cute vid everyday~ LOLx..

kk.. guess go back to work.. haiz.. my off day goneing~


Break Free ... Be Happy ...

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Exam Over!

Yeah! Law exam is over.. i forsee i need to retake the papers.. the problem is one or two of them -_-"??? sianz... nvm..

Shall kick my own butt to start working hard again.. yesh! i can do it!! hwaiting Jackson!


Break Free ... Be Happy ...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Seems like i blog once a month now? Hahaz.. if now follow mi on twitter instead.. just lazy to log into blogger.. i have too many accounts to maintain for different purposes..

Anyway, life has been out of norm.. preparing for my law paper in Oct. Hopefully I WILL PASS and get confirm and throw it out of my mind after that.

Not much motivation to carry me mi thru except with fany star card in front of me. hee~

Haven been exercising.. haiz.. dunno why i strain my left leg muscle just by running around in the train checkpoint.. LOLx.. weak liaoz

If she can do it, so can i! Fany! My new love <3


Break Free ... Be Happy ...